A very different dynamic


A very different dynamic



There are people who are involved in a free relationship and then there are people who are not there. When one relationship is exclusive, it can be said that only two will be involved.


Unlike other types of relationships, each person only needs to think about one other person. If they weren’t in this kind of relationship, there would be a lot more people to think about in both of them.


A very different dynamic


Each person will have an attachment to the other and both of them will have an attachment to the other person. Because of what is going on, most of their lives can be spent in this area of ​​their lives.


Conversely, both of them may not have a strong sensitive connection with each other or with another person in their life. So, both will share their bodies with each other and with others, not much else.


On the surface

However, although they may not have much depth in each relationship, they still need a lot of time and energy. As a result, they may both reach a point where they are no longer interested in living like this and want more depth.


What started out as fun can now be seen as tedious. After coming to this conclusion, they can believe that it is better to be with each other or with someone else.


A different experience


When it comes to this type of relationship, one only has to be with another person. In the case of this type of relationship, most of them have to show up and may involve much more growth than otherwise.


Undoubtedly, having a free relationship will bring challenges but many of these challenges may be different than the problems raised in an exclusive relationship. One reason for this is that by establishing a deeper connection with one person as opposed to a more ground-level connection with more than one person, different internal lesions are more likely to surface.


An analogy


One way to see the difference is to compare the short-distance running with the long-distance running. To be able to run short distances will take one type of fitness, while to be able to run long distances will take another.


In both cases, there will be challenges, but the former will take on more strength and power than the former. But, to go further, they have to dig deeper and face the pain that they did not face.


A half-truth


Now, even though they will be with only one person, that does not mean that there will be only two of them in the relationship. This is because they are both going to have an unborn child.


One's unborn child and the other's unborn child often influence their behavior.


For example


As the relationship grows and develops, internal wounds are about to be triggered and as a result both can behave out of character. During this time, their pregnant baby will be adopted and their adult will go offline.


If anyone has this understanding, it will be much easier for them to understand when it is happening and not take it personally. The same applies to its partners when the underlying children take responsibility.




If someone does not have this realization, they can understand what will happen when their partner takes charge of the unborn child and this makes it harder for them to separate their injured child from their adult. In addition, it will be more difficult for them to empathize and empathize with their partner.


In the end, this part can only be taken by themselves, so their partner is consciously choosing to behave in a way that is destructive or harmful, for example. It will be important for them to remember that they will also get moments like this on their own and that they will probably appreciate having a partner who can see beyond what is going on.


Other elements


They have a pregnant child who will usually take part in it sometimes; The other part is taking responsibility for what happened to them. Being aware of what is going on and taking steps to heal what has been triggered will help them resolve what is going on and improve their relationship.


If one, or their partner, is not aware or does not take steps to address what has been stimulated, it is going to be harder for the relationship to progress. Over time, this can lead to their partner or them leaving the relationship emotionally or physically.




If someone can relate to it and they need extra help, they may need to reach out for external help.

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