Success and human relationships

Success and human relationships

Success and human relationships

One important thing about success is that it affects every aspect of your life. Your level of success determines how you speak, the house you live in, the places you live in, the way you dress, the way you eat, etc. Your level of success also affects or determines your relationship with others. People of the same nature live together. People are expected to identify with them at the same level of success in friendly relationships. This is why friendship is always the best of people of the same level.

The strong or amicable friendship that can exist in inequality cannot be determined, regardless of the value that inequality is judged. Even interactions between blood relationships are adversely affected by differences in their level of success. Furthermore, among young men and women, one's level of success is a major factor in choosing a potential wife. A successful person, all things being equal, naturally wants a co-worker (or at least potentially successful) as a person as a wife. This is why educated people usually get married to co-educated people.

This claim that there can be no strong or amicable friendship between Assamese has challenged some of my attendance at the seminar. It was also challenged by some people during informal discussions. However due to some observation and practical experience I still hold this view. For example, regardless of the level of relationship between a millionaire and a poor person, the former cannot disclose the amount of money he earns for the business for most of the reasons, because he can risk the relationship.

For example, doing so may encourage jealousy from a poor person. Also, this kind of information can persuade the poor person to make unreasonable financial demands from his rich friend or relationship. If the request is not granted for any reason, the relationship may eventually break down. One of the reasons rich people keep their financial success information away from poor people is because no matter how close they are. I sincerely believe that this observation validates the fact that there can be no intimacy between Assamese.

Also, communication between people with the same level of life and success is usually effective because their experiences are (probably most likely) the same. For example, married men and bachelors, married women and a spinster or married person and the discussion of marital life between divorces would be from different perspectives. It also applies to discussions between rich and poor, landlords and tenants, a man and a woman, an adult and a child, an employer and an employee, a worker and a retiree.

It should not be difficult to understand the place of success in human relationships because human life is in the irresistible impact of their relationship; Therefore, the popular expression, "Tell me your friend and I'll tell you what kind of person you are". If you are more interested in establishing a relationship with the person above you, there is a tendency to help you grow higher. In a similar vein, if you are not careful, you have a tendency to be dragged away because you are related to the people below, so you should be aware of your relationship.

The Impact of Your Life Relationships Keep on Your relationships are among the factors that will determine whether you succeed or fail in life. This is why there is usually a relationship between people’s level of success and their relationship with people. In fact, your disciples determine what you are and what you have with you. You should not expect to be the focus of your life if your close friends do not pay attention. Your friendship choices affect or determine the fate of your life.

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